passion to seed 

It starts at home.

Passion to Seed Gardening (PTSG) came into being in the Spring '15.


As the name suggests, this all came about as a passion from within to practice sowing the seed in the garden and relishing the journey as the seed grows.


The farm is situated 45 miles north of capital Washington DC. Nestled in between beautiful century old trees and the oldest still standing chicken coupe in Montgomery County, my farm is stationed in Gaithersburg, MD. 

All our produce is sustainbly grown, we do not use any pesticides, fertilizers, etc.  We only use organic manure and composting.  As an added value to our produce, little to none mechanization is done at our farm and that means each and every plant has been manually planted and given some TLC (tender, loving, care) when it gets to the customer or consumer for consumption.

Bringing passion to your dinner table

In an all-naturally grown, pesticide-free environment

-Zimbabwean corn




-Horned Melon


and more...


4920 Griffith Road
Gaithersburg, MD, 20882
Please contact via email
or call 301-980-7214 for orders/farm availability
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