Passion to Seed Gardening got off the ground in 2015 as a "Labor of Love".


My love and passion to gardening gave birth to PTSG. My upbringing in Zimbabwe through my parents taught me to grow produce and a solid foundation on which I am building upon.


The goal of PTSG is to bring diversity to farming in Montgomery County through producing vegetables for different ethnic backgrounds. Besides the mainstream vegetables that I grow, PTSG also grows the following unique produce to cater for its diversified consumer base:


Horned Melon/Kiwano

Pumpkin Leaves (Vegetable Leaves)

Spider Leaf Flower (Vegetable Leaves)

Fresh White Corn (Large Kennel Corn)

English Rappini or "English Rape"

Mustard Greens


With the "Grow your own (food) mentality" that has taken off in the United States, PTSG is about introducing and sharing some of these unique produce with its customers as a means of diversifying and capturing the consumer's imagination on how to cook and enjoy some of these unique vegetables.


Our growing mantra is to produce vegetables and grains without the use of fertilizer and pesticides. PTSG practices sustainable gardening practices.